Open Letter to Flightfox

Hey guys,

I think your company is great, but haven’t had a chance to use you yet. How many people (myself included) are in the same boat?

I read about your latest music festival contest on HN. Maybe that’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ for you already. But I think you should consider running a different kind of contest. I think it comes down to: What market are you targeting with multicontinental music festivals? I can’t quite figure out if you only book multi-continent ’round-the-world’ flights, or if you’re up for more run of the mill business trips and family vacations?  Do you just do the flight, or can you do the hotel accommodations as well? What about something like flights to Europe plus hotel and train travel between countries?

How about running a contest a few more of us could relate to.  Show us how great you could be at planning a budget trip for a family of 4 with kids of different ages. That would solve an immediate problem for a lot of people, not just some sexy corner case. A quality budget experience when kids are involved means no hostels, no campgrounds (unless that’s the whole point), and age appropriate attractions. I’m sure your experts could justify the ‘finders fee’ with some of the great trips they could cook up!

I think part of the problem is I don’t understand what your target market actually is. It doesn’t click who exactly you are trying to serve. It’s the difference between me taking the time to learn about your ‘system’ and maybe even trying it out, and just ‘doing it the old way’.