Going Public

There’s really two times a company goes public.  There’s the obvious facebook kind of going public, which we’d all love to get to, and then there’s day 0.  Today is that day for me, officially announcing TapLink.

TapLink is simply about creating incredible software. It will probably be online, web based, and mobile software, but no matter what it will be in a big markets, ripe for disruption, where I think I can make a dent in the universe.

Nice to meet you.  My name is Jeremy Spilman, and I’m the Founder of TapLink.


RE: Why Don’t Smartphones Have A “Guest Mode”?

A recent article on TechCrunch asked why smartphones don’t have a ‘Guest Mode’ — a way for someone to unlock your phone and access essentially a ‘fresh’ install of the OS with limited permissions.

Guest Mode would be a nice first step, but longer term vision it’s not about sharing your phone with other people, it’s about sharing your phone between different aspects of your life.

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TechCrunch endorses censoring their viewers

“Apple Wins CES” – wtf?  This is the kind of thing you read on TechCrunch today.  No wonder they all left.

Bought and paid for by… it’s just one large advertisement.  The whole site is plastered with ads.

Then comes Facebook Messenger, the suck all of privacy on the internet.  You see it’s all about setting expectations. Once you no longer expect your identity should be kept private on the internet, maybe you don’t mind as much as it happens.  We’re being inoculated.

And now, here we have come this this.  TC writes ‘Do Blogs Need Comment Reels?’ and concludes they probably shouldn’t, at least not in any way that would allow free communication. Way to go guys.

Oh, and by the way, here is the picture they posted of YOU!

What Buffer Could Do

It was great to read about Buffer getting $400,000, even though they weren’t able to stay in the U.S. It was also great how they pulled the curtain back a little bit so you could see how it all came together for them.

I met the pre-seed round Buffer at a BizSpark sponsered event on SEO in San Jose last month. They were really nice guys. They showed me their app, gave me a tour of how their product worked, told me how their business was doing, and even gave me a tour of their admin panel and showed me their growth curve. It was truly interesting to hear them discuss their business, and hear a bit of their insight and plans. Listening to them talk, I thought to myself, this is a useful product, and I hope they succeed.

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First, look back

In a new year, the first step should always be to reflect on what has passed.

In business it can be called a ‘post mortem’. If you’ve heard the term, and if you’ve gone through them before, you know there’s a right way and a wrong way to get them done.

But the goal is basically the same for business or for personal reasons; learn from your mistakes.  At the least, we can all enter 2012 with that in mind.

If you want to leave a comment, consider telling us about a mistake you learned from.


Missing the Mark

SOPA related posts have dominated HN and Reddit for the last several weeks, as well it should. More recently, network administrators of the world have united against GoDaddy, who was for-SOPA, before they were not-quite-against-it.

December 29th is now ‘Leave GoDaddy Day’, but boycotters beware; transferring domains is an error prone and potentially risky process which can result in downtime. Several HOWTO articles have been written since the boycott started, followed by reports of failed transfers, finger pointing that GoDaddy was obstructing the process, and downtime for anyone using GoDaddy DNS before they tried to transfer.

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Batttle Cry of a Startup

Sales happen at the moment when a buyer and seller agree on a price. When customers pay less than they would have, we call it consumer surplus. If you’re the type of person who speaks at shareholder meetings, consumer surplus is a bad thing.

Companies deal with consumer surplus by calibrating their product offerings to match different customer segments. Sometimes the variable pricing is actually a result of variable costs. More often than not, variable cost is just a concept that salesmen will use to rationalize their power grab for every last dollar of consumer surplus. In the auto industry they like to call this ‘optional equipment’. It’s almost universally true, as the price goes up, so too does the margin.

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