TechCrunch endorses censoring their viewers

“Apple Wins CES” – wtf?  This is the kind of thing you read on TechCrunch today.  No wonder they all left.

Bought and paid for by… it’s just one large advertisement.  The whole site is plastered with ads.

Then comes Facebook Messenger, the suck all of privacy on the internet.  You see it’s all about setting expectations. Once you no longer expect your identity should be kept private on the internet, maybe you don’t mind as much as it happens.  We’re being inoculated.

And now, here we have come this this.  TC writes ‘Do Blogs Need Comment Reels?’ and concludes they probably shouldn’t, at least not in any way that would allow free communication. Way to go guys.

Oh, and by the way, here is the picture they posted of YOU!